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shiny icons to sample

graphics by dharmavati

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This is the graphic journal of dharmavati, who likes to pay tribute to the many things she like to fangirl in 100x100 pixel form (and sometimes even more!!). She just has a few guidelines for you.

• No hotlinking. It's simple enough to save an icon to your own computer and upload onto LJ. Photobucket and ImageShack are great alternatives to store images.
• No claiming of these icons as your own. I'm not going to even over-stress that you absolutely MUST CREDIT ME ZOMG (but I would appreciate it if you do!). I forget to remember the makers of some icons too. All I'm asking is that you don't pretend you made any of the icons in this community.
• No use of textless icons as bases, unless I say that they are bases. Icon-making is a LOT more than just placing text, after all.


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